Ongoing Projects

Raise Fund for Clean & Healthy Water

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Helping hand for the needy & poor people

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Promoting The Rights of Poor Children

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Education and livelihood Program to prevent child marriage and sexual exploitation among Afghan displaced population

Too Young To Wed's mission is to empower girls and end child marriage globally.

Project Background:

The Education and Livelihood project aims to support Afghan displaced population in district Peshawar through providing them alternative educational, livelihoods and legal protection options. Under the Education component, BEFARe will identify and enroll 320 out of school Afghan girls in Refugee Village (RVs) schools. To achieve this, BEFARe will establish 2-3 Accelerated Education centers wherein out of school Afghan girls of primary age bracket will be enrolled for an accelerated program of five months. Following the successful completion of course, these girls will be enrolled in regular RV schools as per their respective ages. Under Livelihood component, BEFARe will provide vocational trainings to 160 head of households in trades of LED bulb repairing, Artificial jewelry making and poultry farming. Upon successful completion of skills training, these beneficiaries will receive tool kits and a startup capital to initiate their own micro businesses. In addition, these 160 HHs will also receive a ration bags for a five months period to meet their immediate food needs. Under the legal protection, the project focuses on establishing and facilitating referral pathways to ensure that Afghan displaced families can access essential legal protections to prevent deportation. In this regards, BEFARe will assist 1,600 Afghan displaced individuals in their essential legal documentation, including POR card, birth certificates, identification cards, and refugee status documentation. By providing referral pathways, BEFARe aims to address imminent legal challenges that the Afghan refugees are confronted with providing them with the necessary guidance and assistance. The project thus holds the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of most vulnerable and distracted Afghan refugees in district Peshawar fostering resilience, self-sufficiency, and a brighter future for them in specific and their communities at large.

Project Start Date: 1st November 2023

Location and Target Districts

Province: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP)

Provision of Teaching & Learning Material and Incentives to Teachers & Students, under Girls' Lower Secondary Education Programme (GLSEP) in District Swat, Mohmand, and Kohistan, KP.




Project Background: The programme aims at improving girls’ access to lower secondary education with better learning opportunities through a holistic approach to quality education and strives to increase access of primary school girls to lower secondary education.

Project Start Date: 1st January 2024

Location and Target Districts

Province: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP)

Target Districts:

  1. Kohistan
    • Target Tehsils: Dassu, Pattan, Pallas, and Kandia
    • Number of Schools: 25
  2. Swat
    • Target Tehsils: Bahrain, Matta, Charbagh, Kalam, and Kwazakhela
    • Number of Schools: 25
  3. Mohmand
    • Target Tehsils: Larakai, Ghullanai, Eka Ghund, Pandiali, Prang Ghar, Ambar, Baizai, Safi
    • Number of Schools: 25

Goals to be achieved:

Enhance Access Beyond Primary Education

Description: The primary objective of the Girls' Lower Secondary Education Programme (GLSEP) is to facilitate increased access to education for girls beyond the primary level in selected marginalized districts. This objective will be achieved through targeted initiatives, such as cash transfers, incentives, and awareness campaigns, aimed at removing barriers stemming from poverty, cultural norms, and early marriages.

Improve Infrastructure and Learning Environment

Description: The second objective of GLSEP is to enhance the learning environment and infrastructure within the program districts. This includes improvements to school facilities to create safe, conducive, and gender-sensitive spaces for education. These enhancements will lead to an overall enhancement in the quality of education provided to girls, ensuring they have the opportunity to access quality learning experiences.

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