Request for Proposals: Empowering Out-of-School Girls through Tailored Primary Level Curriculum Development

BEFARe is on a mission to bring education and empowerment to out-of-school girls at the primary level. We are seeking dedicated and innovative curriculum development services to create a transformative learning experience that caters specifically to the unique needs of these young learners.

 Project Overview:

We are inviting experienced curriculum developers to submit proposals for the creation of a comprehensive and engaging primary-level curriculum tailored to the needs of out-of-school girls. The curriculum should address foundational academic skills, life skills, and empower girls to overcome barriers to education. This curriculum with be designed on the format of Multi-Grade Teaching (MGT).

 Scope of Work:

The selected curriculum development partner will be responsible for:

  1. Designing Inclusive Curriculum: Develop a primary-level curriculum that promotes literacy, numeracy, general science, and life skills with a focus on MGT.
  2. Creating Age-appropriate Materials: Develop curriculum keeping in consideration that all primary level students will study at the same level.
  3. Incorporating Interactive Pedagogies: Integrate interactive teaching methodologies to encourage active participation and enjoyment of the learning process.
  4. Instruction Guide for trainers: Provide training material to local educators and facilitators on effective implementation of the curriculum.

📜 Proposal Submission:

Interested parties are invited to submit their proposals by 15th January 2024. Proposals should include:

  1. Relevant Experience
  2. Budget Proposal
  3. References

Proposals should be submitted in a sealed envelope at BEFARe Office, Peshawar by 15th January 2024. The proposal should be addressed to Mr. Abbas Fuad Azeem, CE, BEFARe.

📞 For inquiries or additional information, please contact at or call on 0092-91-561-0316(7).

Join us in making a difference in the lives of out-of-school girls. Together, let’s build a foundation for their future success through education and empowerment!

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