Impact of Peace Messages in Formal, Non-Formal Education and Community Participation.

by MIS/M&E Unit, BEFARe


GTZ-BEFARe has been imparting formal and non-formal education programs to Afghan refugees in various camps in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Education is considered as a fundamental need in bringing harmony and promoting peace. This study was based on the curriculum contents of BEFARe text books used in the refugee schools over the last 15 years. The contents contained messages of peace and tolerance which were considered essential to the refugees in the context of Afghan problems. In addition school management committee members (SMCs) are also beneficiaries of training programmes which focus on concepts of peace and working together. This study is a preparatory one which is to be used in a future more in-depth analysis of the impact of the contents on the students, both formal and non-formal.

The impact of the contents is looked into from the formal, non-formal as well as from the community perspective. The concepts related to peace education and tolerance are many and varied which have been absorbed in the study to a greater extent.

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