Assist vulnerable Afghan refugees and host population through enhanced opportunities of quality education and marketable livelihood

Project location: Kyber Pukhtoonkhawa

Project start and end dates: September 2013 – August 2015

Project description

BEFARe, with the financial support of BPRM has initiated a project in the field of education and livelihood. Project will support below components:

  • Elevation of 33 BEFARe Primary schools to Middle level

BEFARe with the support of UNHCR and CAR is implementing the largest sustained refugee education programme since 1996 in 52 AR camps in KP with current enrolment of 52,448 children from Grade1-8. These students are provided education in 127 schools including 50 upgraded schools to middle level. Proposed initiative complement support within the ongoing UNHCR assistance in elevation of 33 schools to middle. The elevated schools are also provided with 172 teachers along with extensive teachers trainings on pedagogy and classroom management to provide quality education.

  • Strengthening Community Participation and Development in educational activities

BEFARe has well coordinated education system thoroughly supported by community participation and development (CP&D) department. The CP&D plays vital role in enrolment and retention of students, mobilizing communities for funds organizing extra-curricular activities and maintaining school records of income and expenditure. The initiative will support to train SMCs in school management and community mobilization, hygiene promotion, Age Gender Diversity Mainstreaming (AGDM) and environmental protection, child protection, Community Development Approaches (CDA) and peace education.

  • Livelihood: Vocational Skills training and linkages with market for 500 Afghan and Pakistani Youth

The initiative intends to provide certified market oriented skills training courses to 500 refugees and local youth, 60% Afghans and 40% Pakistani with 70:30 of male and female. BEFARe will benefit 500 trainees (in the same ratio of male and female and same distribution of Afghan and Pakistani youth).  The intervention will equip trainees with skills that will enable them to pursue employment opportunities or adopt self-employment. BEFARe will also help link graduates with factories and industries for employment through career counseling.

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