• Project location : Attock, Rawalpindi (including Muree and Kotli Sattian Tehsils)

• Project start and end dates : May 2015 to April 2016

Project description

The purpose of the project is to increased focus on more representative citizens’ groups for greater community buy-in; ensure increased participation of women and other socially marginalized section of society, and to create synergies with organizations working on similar issues. To bring the issues of governance to political mainstream, TDEA-FAFEN will further streamline and strengthen its work with political parties through increased engagement at all levels. The primary focus of the programme will be on developing new and strengthening existing relationships between rights-holders and duty-bearers, to enable citizens’ voices to be channeled into administrative, regulatory and legislative reforms, enabling improved electoral, legislative and local governance. It will take into account related initiatives by other agencies to avoid duplication and build synergies.

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