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Project location: Bannu

Project start and end dates: August 2014 to October 2014

Project description

Survey for Educational Needs:

Through this intervention, an initial survey is planned to ascertain the education needs of the community and t


he displaced people from NWA. The project will be executed in close coordination with the government education department in district Bannu and all other stakeholders will be taken into confidence for maximum ownership of the project and their increased participation in every way possible to achieve the project objective.

Establishment of Schools:

BEFARe will establish tent schools to accommodate the displaced children in Bannu and will cater to their educa


tion needs and will impart education to them through teachers either from the host community or from the displaced group of people. A major focus will also be put on the training of the teachers to enhance their capacity to keep the students engaged in a friendly education environment in the schools.

About 8,000 students (approximately 50% girls) are to be enrolled in about 40 schools, half of which are for girls to meet the INEE minimum standards through this project. The IDP children are to be accommodated in the evening shifts of existing schools and tent schools are to be established – where necessary, in the targeted area (Bannu district of KP) through this intervention.

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